Wellness Raum

Heated swimming spa

in the extension of the pool

It offers more than formidable moments of relaxation. It gives you everything you need for a complet fitness program. Swimming, walking, running, rowing, stretching... our Spa 11m length has been designed in order to practice very varied physical excercies for a full workout and you can also relax like a "classic spa"

The benefits of the swimming Spa :

- At Cardiovascular level : Decreased resting heart rate, and of blood pressure
Improvement of blood circulation
- At the Muscle and skeleton level : Maintain and develop joint mobility, muscle tone improvement
- At the overweight and diabete risk level : significant caloric expenditure, Improved metabolism
- At the level of the mind: Provides pleasure, improves self-esteem, reduces anxiety and promotes healthy sleep patterns

L'Oustaou du Luberon - La Tuilière 84530 Villelaure
GPS : 43.723152 Nord 5.431159 Est
Tél. : +33(0) - Mobile : +33.(0) - oustaouduluberon@gmail.com

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